Musandam- Why Is It A Popular Choice Among Tourists? 

Musandam- Why Is It A Popular Choice Among Tourists? 

Musandam is a popular weekend getaway for travelers looking for a different type of vacation. The region has great landscapes and fascinating marine wildlife. It is only a day trip from Dubai and is considered the ultimate weekend retreat. There are several things to do and see in Musandam, and it is possible to camp there. A few options are available for those who want to stay in a hotel, including the three-star Diwan Al-Amir.

Musandam is a backwater:

If you think the Musandam tour is an idyllic place to spend your vacation, think again. This remote peninsula is a world away from the bustling cities of the UAE. The topography is jagged, arid, and violent, and the land appears devoid of life. While the region is picturesque, it is also a blackwater with little to offer tourists.

It is difficult to access by car:

A 4WD is essential if you want to explore Musandam’s mountainous terrain. The region is extremely remote and difficult to access by car. The main mountain road ends in Dibba, and the Harf Plateau is another good area for off-roading.

It is a popular destination for camping:

Musandam has many spectacular camping spots for you to choose from, including mountains, deserted beaches, and the pristine waters of the Gulf of Aden. There is also a variety of wildlife to spot, including Socotra cormorants, which can be spotted between September and March. If you love nature, you can spend time exploring Musandam wildlife in the Sal Ala Forest, which is home to many species of owls.

It is a world heritage site:

Musandam is part of the Hajar mountains, which stretch over 600km across the region and into Oman and the UAE. They are home to the famous ‘Stairway to Heaven,’ a narrow ledge that juts out from a near-vertical cliff face. There is intricate stonework covering the gaps, so walking up this path will test your strength and endurance.

If you are considering a Musandam tour, you should take precautions to ensure your safety. Musandam is a remote region and difficult to reach by car. It is a popular destination for weekend breaks and camping. Despite the remoteness, it is still well worth visiting.