Baby Shower Cake Ideas That Are Too Pretty To Eat

Baby Shower Cake Ideas That Are Too Pretty To Eat

Baby showers are a great way to celebrate the new member of the family and remind mums about their freedom which will be taken away and the sleepless nights which wait ahead for them. Here are some great baby shower cakes in Dubai ideas to double the fun of baby shower.

P.S: We know these cakes are going to be almost too pretty to eat, but go ahead and eat them because you can. Not only do they look amazing, they are sure to taste great as well, so don’t forget to taste them too!

  • Stork baby delivery cake

You must have heard about the short film about storks who delivers the babies. What can be more magical and fun than a stork delivering you a baby package on your baby shower that too in form of cake which you can eat!

  • Baby elephant cake

Baby elephant are the cutest animals and their fun doubles when they are displayed on a cake to represent the cute bundle of joy that your upcoming elephant is going to bring. You can either have a jungle party with the baby elephant cake or a small chubby elephant would do the trick.

  • Hot air balloon cake

Your little one must be flying high above and dreaming about the pretty clouds and the birds they come across. Make their dream come true with a real hot air balloon cake suspended on the table on your baby shower. It’s going to be pretty and yummy at the same time.

  • Cake pop on a cake

If you haven’t yet revealed the gender then this cake is going to do wonders because you can both the genders in the cake pop and when they are popped open, a surprise colour would burst out. Even if you don’t plan on bursting the gender still it’s going to be a beautiful blend of blue and pink.

  • Sweet dreams bear

Teddy bear is that universal toy which is loved and adored by every single kid. So even if your kid isn’t out yet to tell you their immense teddy love, you can still assume safely that they are going to love this cake. Just go ahead and get your favourite teddy out to match with the decorations.

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