3 Simple Tips For Designing Signage

3 Simple Tips For Designing Signage

For your signs to be effective, you need to consider several factors. The design of your sign should be easy to read, with a consistent height and width if you’re designing a sign for a business, including the company logo and brand colors to make it instantly recognizable. It would help if you also used easy-to-read fonts with simple lines and straight edges. The stroke width is also important, as wider strokes are more noticeable from a distance. Click this to find reputable signage companies in Riyadh.

Fonts make a sign more legible:

Choosing the right font is essential if you want your sign to be legible. There are two basic types of fonts: serif and sans-serif. Serif fonts have ornaments at the end of each letter and are easier to read, while sans-serif fonts don’t have them. Sans-serif fonts are best for signs and smaller text, while serif fonts are best for exhibition posters. When choosing fonts for signs, you should choose a style that will be legible both onscreen and paper. It’s also good to select and use a few fonts consistently.

Placement makes a sign more visible:

Placing a sign in an appropriate location is vital to making it more visible. Customers can’t read a sign if it’s dim or dark, so it’s best to place it where plenty of light is available. If it’s impossible to do that, consider installing additional lighting for better visibility. Light makes it easier to read a sign, but too much light can also make it more difficult to read. A sign’s background color will also affect its visibility if it’s too colorful. In contrast, a sign in a darker color with simple borders will be more noticeable.

Besides the location, the letter height of a sign will also determine its readability. It’s also crucial to consider the distance between the viewer and the signage. A visibility chart can help you calculate the distance between your signage and a viewer.

Space between letters makes a sign more memorable:

It’s important to remember that the more space between letters on a sign, the more memorable it will be. A too-crowded sign with text can make it difficult for a potential customer to recognize and remember your business. For this reason, you should try to keep the space between your letters at least thirty to forty percent. Not only will this increase the readability of your sign, but it will also improve its effectiveness.