What To Expect When Drafting A Will In The UAE

What To Expect When Drafting A Will In The UAE

When it comes to drafting a will in Dubai or UAE, the first step is to obtain legal representation. While non-Muslims can now make a will in the UAE, there are some legal issues to contend with. This article outlines what to expect when drafting your will in the UAE.

Non-Muslims can now make a will in the UAE:

In the UAE, non-Muslims can now make/register a will through a notary public. This is a relatively new development in the UAE. Previously, non-Muslims were restricted to establishing a will under Sharia law, which stipulates a fixed share of assets. But now, thanks to a new law, non-Muslim expatriates can create a will in the UAE using common law.

The new law enables non-Muslim expatriates to use the English-language will-making system in Dubai. This provides a certain level of familiarity, transparency, and trust in the inheritance system. It also allows non-Muslim expatriates to dispose of their property after their death, by their home country’s laws.

Legal issues to navigate through:

A will is an important document to have in UAE because if you die in the UAE without a valid one, your assets and your bank account may be frozen, and you may lose your resident status. UAE law also permits your spouse or children to apply for probate in their home countries to distribute your UAE assets. Although UAE law states that your estate is subject to local law, you may be surprised to find out that the law isn’t always as clear as you would like it to be.

Cost of drafting a will in the UAE:

The cost of drafting a will in the UAE varies depending on the type of will. A full will, for example, will include all of the assets you own. A guardianship will cover all business assets and brokerage accounts. Both types of wills will require legal fees.

The cost of drafting a will in the UAE is approximately Dh2, 000. Various packages allow you to get a reduced fee. However, these packages are only valid for a limited period. Alternatively, you can opt for Powers of Attorney and a Home Country Will.