What Are The Basic Things To Know About CCTV Solutions?

What Are The Basic Things To Know About CCTV Solutions?

CCTV is commonly known as video surveillance. It stands for closed circuit television that helps monitor a particular area or place with the help of cameras. Generally, these networks are used to detect and prevent criminal activities. If you are considering implementing a CCTV surveillance system, you should know some basic things before buying it from CCTV solutions companies in Dubai. These include the types of cameras and the storage capabilities available. Whether you are looking for a simple system or one with a higher level of sophistication, here is what you need to know.

Video recording:

Video recording is one of the most basic things about CCTV solutions. Cameras record whatever they see, and this video can be stored in several different formats. Some cameras are programmed to only record at certain times or when motion is detected. Another option is to have your recordings stored in the cloud. However, this option relies heavily on the internet and can be affected by Wi-Fi outages.

Cloud storage:

Cloud storage for CCTV solutions is a safe and secure way to store and manage video footage. It can keep video footage from being overwritten or deleted accidentally. In addition, it is a cost-effective solution that can be used across multiple premises.

Wireless cameras:

The camera is one of the most important things to consider when purchasing CCTV solutions. Not all cameras are created equal; some are more intrusive than others. The camera you choose should be able to capture clear footage even during the dark hours of the night.

High-resolution cameras:

High-resolution cameras are crucial to the quality of video captured by CCTV systems. These cameras use a grid of pixels called photosites to capture the intensity of light that enters the camera. These pixels then send information to a processing unit. The higher the number of photosites, the higher the quality of the captured video.


A NVR is a device that stores video. It has multiple features, and you can store the video locally or in the cloud. The advantage of storing the video in the cloud is that it is easier to access and scale. You can also save the video to a SD card, a more traditional recording method. NVRs also have several Ethernet ports, making them ideal for hooking up multiple cameras. They also allow remote control of the cameras.